5 Milk Facts You May Not Know!

  1. In ancient cultures, milk was considered to be the “food of the Gods”. Milk was very valued by Romans, Egyptians, etc. 
  2. Milk can be turned into biodegradable plastic! Due to the casein in the milk interacting with formaldehyde, we are able to create a plastic that is insoluble in water and nearly impossible to catch on fire. 
  3. Frogs used to be put into milk to prevent it from spoiling. On top of this, scientists have discovered a surplus of antibiotics rooted in the Russian Brown Frogs’ skin due to this method. 
  4. Cows get a two month vacation from milking each year! They need a vacation the same way we do, we can’t work 24/7! A cow will produce about 6.3 gallons of milk per day, averaging to 2,300 gallons a year. 
  5. Considering milk has an abundance of protein, in order to achieve this without drinking a glass, you would either need to eat about 3 cups of broccoli, 10 cups of raw spinach, or 6 servings of pinto beans. 

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