Do Bees Get Sick?

It’s flu season- and even though the bees aren’t catching the flu, they're still susceptible to different infections, viruses, and diseases that can make or break their colony. When sick, these bees are typically avoided by the healthy ones in an attempt to not catch what could be spreading, sound familiar? 

Known to have a weaker immune system than most other insects, honey bees are prone to come down with an infection. They are constantly touching each other, in order to feed and even bathe, are living in crowded conditions, and are flying far away from their hive in order to retrieve the materials needed for the day. The bees depend on hygiene, which includes removing or grooming the sick larvae. When a sickness is recognized, the bees want it gone. 

The bees never fail to prove that they are just like us. Getting sick is horrible, human or bee. Wishing you a happy and healthy flu season this winter, be sure to take extra care of yourself. 

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