EDM in 2023:



If you’re someone that has been keeping up with the EDM lifestyle for a while, I’m sure you’re willing to welcome newcomers with open arms. EDM is an amazing way to get yourself involved with fun events and meet great people that have similar interests to you! 

The world of EDM is constantly changing, which makes people with interests in all different styles prone to taking a listen. Techno, Dubstep, Footwork, etc., are all still under the “umbrella” term EDM; which can bring so many different types of people together. Whether you’re more lowkey or you're someone who fully participates, meeting a new friend or someone to click with will be easy! 

EDM has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. During the early 2010s, house music became a lot more popular, shaping a lot of the music in the EDM category that we have now. Although the genre has fluctuated within the last decade, we are finding ourselves as a society making room for House DJs once more. Techno beats are back! At your next rave or music festival, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing to new hits that fall under these categories. 

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