How Are Cows Kept Healthy In The Winter?

With the temperatures dropping, we need to be sure we’re keeping our animals safe. Just like we feel that winter is upon us, they do too! Taking those extra steps to make sure the cows are cozy keeps them safe and healthy throughout the colder seasons. 

With their natural insulation, skin, and thick hair, cows are comfortable in temperatures lower than the average human. As long as they’re being fed and have fresh, dry bedding, the cows are pretty much ready for winter. 

A large, protein-filled, healthy diet is a key factor to keeping the cows safe. In order to grow the thicker coats they produce in the winter, their diet has to keep up with them. Eating more food allows them to regulate their body heat. However, keeping this diet balanced and nutritional is needed on top of the access to more food, too. 

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