Local Milk Is Udderly Great- Here’s Why

Have you ever had milk sitting in your fridge for too long; upset that it isn’t finished before it goes bad? Well, this could be avoided with local, farm fresh milk.

This way, not only is the shelf-life longer in your home, but also tastes delicious!
Drinking milk improves bone health, increases muscle growth, and contains Vitamin B along with other nutrients. Having a supply of local milk through Staten Island allows these needs to be met while also enjoying the taste. Due to the light pasteurization and not being homogenized, this ensures that all the vitamins that are supposed to be in milk aren't stripped away during the preparation process.

It’s important to support local businesses, and it’s made easier when they’re doing you such a favor. Local milk and dairy, while supplying you with tasty benefits, also promotes your community! Purchasing the same milk as those around you can help grow connections between you and your neighbors. Do something nice for yourself and others; shop local!