Low Pasteurized vs Ultra Pasteurized milk

When it comes to one of the most used dairy products in a common household, consumers would presumably like to know what really goes into their milk. Varying from nutrition facts to the basic uses of it, many questions may occur regarding the benefits in your milk and what you may be intaking from it. One specific question that should arise is the importance of pasteurization and how much of it is really healthy for you.


Many consumers may not have given the time of day to fully understand the logistics of pasteurized milk, specifically low and ultra pasteurized. But, it should become a key factor to know when choosing what kind of milk you are purchasing, and more importantly, what company you are supporting. Investing in our local New York City dairy company helps us provide you with the most well-balanced milk on the market.


When someone mentions the pasteurization levels in milk, it references to how much treatment the milk goes through. What is meant by that is, the more pasteurized your milk is, the more processing it undergoes, which can eliminate some of the main key nutritious elements one should be receiving.


Here at Udderly Delicious NYC, we make sure it is a priority that our levels of pasteurization is at the healthiest amount for our consumers to enjoy. We welcome you to visit our website for further information: www.UdderlyDeliciousNYC.com