Milk Popularity In New York

Our country consumes a lot of dairy products, however, we have milk to thank for these soaring numbers. There are so many dairy farms and cows, helping to achieve a surplus of dairy in America. Luckily, we have people to enjoy it. 

Over the years, New York has been one of the top milk producing US states. We are known to have about 3,500 dairy farms and tons of workers. The natural climate of New York as well as the water and soil resources are major factors to what puts New York at such a continuously high ranked dairy producing state. 

Even if you aren’t a milk fan, there are so many other dairy products we have thanks to milk, always keeping it such a dominant industry. 

By clicking the link below, you can take your first steps to get your own milk and other dairy products delivered farm-fresh to your door. This Staten Island business is one that is sure to have you coming back for more. Let’s keep New York high up in those rankings and support a local business while doing so!