Popular Dairy Beverages

Dairy is one of the major food groups, so you’re bound to find milk in some of your everyday favorite beverages. Besides just milk on its own, it’s a major characteristic of many drinks we know and love. 

A personal favorite of mine would have to be coffee. Milk is a perfect pairing with espresso based drinks, cold brew, a latte, etc. You can’t go wrong with a splash of milk in your coffee, especially if you’re adding a flavor like caramel, vanilla, or even cinnamon. 

Another classic, you’ve guessed it, hot chocolate. Even though this warm beverage could be paired with water, using milk gives it that rich, creamy taste. Hot chocolate is amazing in the cold weather and perfect for cozying up with your loved ones. 

In the holiday spirit? An amazing dairy-based beverage perfect for the season is eggnog. It’s a sweet, thick, drink that is typically drunk around the holiday season but could be enjoyed all year round. Who wouldn’t want to indulge when it tastes so good? 

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