The Comparison of Male and Female Bees

     Many people are not familiar with the differences between male and female bees, but it is important and interesting to be aware of. They both differ in the sense of physique, work, and lifestyles.

     In accordance to physically identifying what gender a bee is, anyone can pin-point out a number of visual differences between them. One contrast that can be made is the size of the bee; you will notice that males are slightly larger than female bees. Another difference is their eyes. Female bees have much smaller eyes and stingers, compared to male bees having large eyes and no stingers at all. A couple of other physical attributes that distinguish both genders is their antennas and arms. With that in mind, these bees help make raw honey, which is the most organic form of honey that can be found on our website at

     In terms of work, both genders differ in their jobs. Male bees are referred to as “drones” and their main objective is not to pollinate and produce, but to find a potential mate with a queen bee for a hive to start. The female bees are either called, “workers” or are, “queen bee’s.” Worker bees take care of the hive as a whole and collect pollen & nectar. The queen bee is the only bee that can reproduce and regulate the scent of the colony to keep the hive going. 

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- Blog written by Dominique Faiella