The Difference Between Milk and Chocolate Milk

Do you believe there’s a difference between both milks? The simple answer would be yes, but depending on the reasoning one buys whichever milk, there are multiple uses and benefits to know before making the decision.


Regular milk is essentially the main type of milk used for everyday intake. Tasks such as drinking and cooking with milk makes it a whole lot easier to add it into your everyday diet, giving you the proper benefits. Another main factor that differs regular milk from chocolate milk is the variety that it comes in, such as whole, reduced fat, skim, and many other choices which can also be found in stock at UdderlyDeliciousNYC.


        In terms of nutrition, they both contain the same amount of vitamins and nutrients; the only difference would be chocolate milk having extra factors such as calories, added sugars, and more carbohydrates. Some may see that as a bad thing. But despite that, chocolate milk is actually a healthy growth and energy booster for children, and serves as a better alternative for a drink after a post-workout session.


Between the two milks, they both serve their own beneficial purposes. Having New York being ranked one of the highest states in the milk production industry, it helps us be capable of delivering all different types of natural milk to you. Please visit our website for more information at

  • Blog written by Dominique Faiella