Vitamins in Milk and What They Do

If you’re a milk drinker, you probably know that you’re receiving such a substantial amount of daily vitamins and nutrients from a glass of milk. If you’re willing/ if you enjoy milk, consuming a serving will definitely get the process going. But the question is: what are these vitamins doing? 

Potassium, which is found in milk, regulates the fluids in your body and maintains a healthy blood pressure. For comparison, a small banana and an 8oz glass of milk have the same amount of potassium! 

Vitamin B12 helps build up the red blood cells in your body and maintains the state of the central nervous system. You will receive 50% of your recommended serving of B12 in one glass of milk!

Calcium, found in dairy milk, is an excellent substance that works to build and maintain bone and teeth health. Each serving of milk contains 300mg of calcium, which is already 25% of the daily recommended amount! 

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