What is Spotify Instafest?




Clicking through various social medias, I’m sure you’ve seen users posting their personal music festival lineups. If you’ve ever dreamed of a festival with all your favorite artists, Instafest makes it into a reality. 


In order to get started, you’ll have to open the Instafest website and log into your Spotify account. The poster is generated based on your listening data, so once you're logged in, it’s made almost instantly for you to share and enjoy. 


Automatically your listening history from the past 6 months will be displayed on the poster. However, by clicking the “last 4 weeks” or “all-time” streams, you’re able to categorize your listening habits differently. To make it even more personalized, you’re able to choose between three different themes: “Malibu Sunrise”, a more chill beach aesthetic, “LA Twilight”, a dark purple city skyline, or “Mojave Dusk”, a vibey desert road. You can even name your festival! 


Spotify never fails to keep people involved with music even throughout the winter months. To stay connected to your EDM lifestyle, make your Instafest today! While you’re at it, click the link below to shop for some products to enhance any of your future rave experiences and/or stay involved with EDM.