Who Are Bees Related To?



Honey bees, and also the commonly known bumble bee, are part of a group called the “social bees”. These types are usually occurring in large colonies and could potentially cause a stinging threat. Known to sting when they feel as if their hive is in danger, the stinger actually falls off once a bee has used it, causing it to die. Social bees in a colony are run by their queen, the largest bee in the hive, laying up to about 2000 eggs per day within the wax cells of the hive.

         Bees as a whole are a part of a group of insects called Hymenoptera, also including wasps, sawflies, and ants. Divided into two groups, insects with no waist are known as Symphyta, while the insects with a small waist are known as Apocrita. 

         Due to the honey bees, a lot of our crops are able to prosper. They also produce the honey we all know and love. By clicking the link below, you can shop for some local, Staten Island honey and other amazing products.