Why Do Bees Sting?

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Why Do Bees Sting?

                People say if you mess with a bee too much, they will respond back with their stinger. But that can’t be the only reason they want to sting you, right?


                Apart from bees protecting themselves, they also sting for the reason of feeling threatened/in danger, or just out of confusion. Not only that, but bees also sting out of the pure fact of what they see. Depending on what scent they smell or what colors they see, these factors determine whether or not a bee decides to use their stinger. Because they are attracted to the look of a flower with its bright colors and scent, people can be easily mistaken as one if they wear bright colors, so be careful!


        Unfortunately, if the bee decides on stinging, they will eventually die. The stinger is a part of the bee’s body, specifically, its muscles & digestive tract. So when the stinger is detached from its body, them coming to an end is inevitable.


        But on a lighter note, they are still one of the only main insects to produce food for us. So instead, appreciate them rather than be scared of them. Visit www.UdderlyDelicious.com for more information on New York local raw honey.


  • Blog written by Dominique Faiella