Why Farm Fresh Milk Is The Way To Go



If you’re used to purchasing your milk from the grocery store, your mind will be absolutely blown when you have your first taste of milk that is delivered directly to your doorstep. Not only is it overall a better taste, it’s also better for you, and lasts longer in your fridge (as if you’ll need it to)! 

By purchasing from Udderly Delicious, your milk will be only lightly pasteurized and never homogenized, ensuring that all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that milk are intended to have are staying there. The creamy texture is rich in flavor and will have you wanting more! 

With this milk being delivered directly to your doorstep, there will be more fridge life because you won’t be purchasing it from a store, as it sits in the supermarket fridge waiting to be purchased with a “best by:” label on it. You're able to put it right in your fridge (in a nice, old-timey glass bottle, too!), and drink/use it as you desire. 

Click the link below to experience all that is being spoken about. You won’t want to switch back to your old ways; plus, you’ll be supporting a local, Staten Island company!