Why Honey Just Doesn’t Seem To Expire

If you’re keeping honey in your home, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn't seem to have an expiration date. Honey, if properly stored, will actually not go bad. But Why? 

When you store your honey in an air-tight, no moisture container or honey pot, this is a main factor to making sure it remains edible. This low moisture environment keeps bacteria from surviving within the honey; and this bacteria is what would cause the honey to spoil. 

On top of this, honey is highly acidic, which is also a contributing factor to make sure that bacteria can’t grow or reproduce within the honey. If you want to keep your honey as fresh as possible, be sure to keep it away from moisture (or you can just eat it all, which I think is a pretty easy option). 

However, in the event that your honey changes over time (just changes in appearance, such as becoming cloudy or crystalized; it still won’t go bad), you can microwave it or heat it up in a pan of hot water in order to clarify or melt it. 

This honey may last forever, but the delicious taste will keep you continuously re-upping your stash. Happy shopping!