Why Is Milk White?

Seeing  that milk straight from a cow is more of a lighter yellow color, you’ve probably also noticed how store bought or farm fresh milk is more of a white color. Ever wonder why? The answer is actually pretty simple. 

Milk contains many types of vitamins and proteins, but one of the main types are caseins. Caseins join into small clusters with phosphate and calcium, creating micelles. These tiny particles are a major factor to the milky white color. 

Light, when it hits these micelles, refracts and scatters. The milk reflects the light waves, rather than absorbing them, making the liquid appear white. 

However, if the milk you’re consuming isn’t that perfect white hue, don’t be worried. The fat globules within milk are prone to take on a yellow hue due to carotenoids. 

Believe it or not, that’s pretty much it. Milk is pretty simple, and delicious too. To purchase some local, farm-fresh, Staten Island milk you should click the link below!